We value your technical and professional development. With ASPIRE, you can contribute to the scientific body of knowledge and make a difference while building your professional toolkit. We are actively recruiting Masters and PhD students with a background or interest in remediation and restoration of disturbed aquatic environments. 




Dalhousie University Masters and PhD students in Natural Sciences and Engineering (NSE) can apply to participate in the training program. The applicant's area of study should be relevant to one of the three research objectives:

  • Development of novel and cost effective technologies for treatment of contaminated aquatic media

  • Development of methods for restoring watershed interactions and hydrologic functioning of altered aquatic systems

  • Development of assessment and monitoring tools for disturbed and restored aquatic systems

Master of Business Administration (MBA) students whose research projects relate to business opportunities and market potential in the restoration sector may be eligible for the ASPIRE program.

Brier Island, 2018

Brier Island, 2018


How to Apply

Submit the following to audreyhiscock@dal.ca

  1. The ASPIRE application form (download here), including a one-page expression of interest letter in which your motivation and merit for participation in the program are outlined.

  2. A standard CV.

  3. Transcripts from your previous degrees. (Students who graduated from Dalhousie can submit their academic record rather than official transcripts).

  4. Two reference letters (the letters used in your application to graduate studies at Dalhousie can be used).