Student Features

First group of ASPIRE trainees


The ASPIRE community is pleased to announce the first group of trainees for the 2018-2019 school year. We look forward to years of training and research excellence in our aquatic environments! Welcome to the team:

Nicole Bell, Masters Candidate
Proposed research: Establishing Baseline Hydrologic Conditions in Nova Scotia Wetlands

David Foster, PhD Candidate
Proposed research: Modeling the Impacts of Forest Management and Climate Change on Forested Drinking Water Supply Watersheds

Mike Hamilton, Masters Candidate
Proposed research: Analysis of High Resolution Site Characterization techniques by use of Risk-based assessment

Baillie Holmes, Masters Candidate
Proposed research: Using Applied Paleolimnological Assessment to Determine Contaminant Sources and Pathways in a Water Supply Reservoir

Jason KarisAllen, Masters Candidate
Ecohydrological monitoring and restoration in the Basin Head estuary, Prince Edward Island

Caitlin McCavour, Masters Candidate
Catchment liming in Eastern Nova Scotia to promote restoration of soils and forest ecosystems

Heather McGuire, Masters Candidate
Understanding lake recovery processes within source water lakes in Atlantic Canada

Aidan Van Heyst, Masters Candidate
Characterizing the Baseline Hydrologic Regime of Wetland Ecosystems in the Boat Harbour Watershed